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Ollo~ ^^
I’m here again. And I’m glad, that you like my OVERDOSE edits…
If you want me to make you special just for you, don’t hesitate to message me!

All I need is 3 photos of your requested person and color. ;)

Chen Overdose Collage~ ^^



So, this is my first giveaway. I wanted to hold a giveaway since, I’ve gained a large amount of followers the past few months. like, omg! :o 
I know, it’s not that much but there are people out there who can’t afford to buy exo’s first box. I’ve bought two copies of exo’s first box. One for myself and another one for this giveaway. I’ve also thought that it’d be nice if I include the “parental guidance” shirt on this giveaway. haha! it’s somehow related to exo anyway. XD

moving on! 

RULES + info. : 
★ you can reblog this post a maximum of 3 times a day until the end date of this giveaway. ( you don’t want to spam your followers, right? ) 
★ liking this post count as 1 entry
★ You don’t have to follow me but, this giveaway is mainly for my followers only. (my followers has a higher chance on winning this giveaway. this is a thank you giveaway anyway so yeah. )  
★ I’ll be shipping this internationally! 
★ No giveaway blogs! ( i’ll be checking e__e; ) 
★ please do have your ask box open. 
please give me chanyeol in return. /bricked 
★ winners will be chosen using random.org

★ EXO’s First Box 
★ Parental advisory shirt. (x)
★ + more surprises! (posters,merch,etc) 

START: March 30, 2014 ( 10 AM KST ) 
END: April 30, 2014 ( 10 PM KST ) 

The winner will be given 2-3 days to reply to my message! 
Good luck! ^______^ 

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Okay, since no one wanted to buy my EXO’s merch and albums ( WHY?!!) I decided to host a giveaway for you guys~

There’s only 1 winner for this giveaway.  

  • EXO’s First Box
  • XOXO Kiss and Hug albums
  • Growl Repackaged Kiss and Hug albums
  • Nature Republic goods ( Lip balm set + PC set + Hand Cream + folder)
  • MCM backpack
  • EXO pins goods badge
  • Panda doll ( This is the cutest, I swear! Kris and Tao got it from a fan if I’m not wrong. Here)
  • EXO bracelet
  • BWCW varsity
  • BWCW caps
  • Wolf hoodie (black)
  • BOTH ver. of EXO upcoming albums *.* (If only this got 1000 notes wow such a big dream )


  • Must be following me
  • This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL
  • You can reblog as many times as you want BUT please don’t spam your lovely followers
  • Likes DO count
  • Must have your ask box open
  • I’ll be using random number generator
  • Don’t erase this text okay!

 Please join guys! I don’t know what to do with all this albums in my room. Plus, I need more space for my upcoming albums and merch!

Giveaway ends on 1st July May 6 2014~ Good Luck!

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dae u little shit

Xiumin Overdose Collages~ ^^ 

► EXO through the Eras

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when baekhyun knows exactly what chanyeol wants. ಥ_ಥ

B.A.P Live On Earth: 2014 Poster Ad @ Berlin
Don’t let that smile fade away…

Half-50 hyung dancing to ‘Peter Pan’

flawless xiumin

don’t stop.

awkwardly completing missions = success